ezSerno Makes Serialization Easier

GS1 CertifiedezSerno has recently been certified by GS1 as an EPCIS-compliant system. For more details, please download a copy of the company news release here.

ezSerno® is a suite of products and tools that makes the implementation of serialization much easier. Based on first-hand experiences at more than a dozen of large and small pharmaceutical companies, ezSerno has been designed to implement serialization in the most efficient and effective way. By using the latest Java technologies and many open standards, ezSerno can integrate serialization into your supply chain at the lowest cost with maximum value. For more information on how ezSerno can help you implement serialization ahead of schedule and create more business values from it, please download a copy of ezSerno white paper.

Getting values out of serialization

Maybe you are implementing serialization just to meet some legislation requirements, or business requirements from your trading partners. But this should not become a burden to your business processes. ezSerno® will help you get more values out of serialization. It will utilize all the information obtained from your serialized processes, derive business data related to the processes to help you make critical business decisions. Please visit Solutions page for more information on our solutions on Object Tracking, Promotion Management, Inventory Management, Asset Management and much more.

Integrating with existing systems

ezSerno® is an adaptive end-to-end solution that can help you easily and seamlessly integrate serialization technologies into your existing business processes and systems. Its distributed and scalable architecture allows the solution to be integrated with any other systems via open standards, such as HTTP, SOAP, Web Service, EPCIS etc., as well as specific communication protocols, like SAP RFC, IDoc, Database RDBC, File/FTP and so on. Please visit Products page for more information on our products and their overall architecture designs and features.

Ever-changing business requirements

We understand that your business requirements and environments are ever-changing. And each of your business partners, or every country where you do business, may have different requirements for sharing serialization information. That's why ezSerno® has been designed in a way that it can be adapted easily through configurations and minimum customization. Especially, ezSerno's Profile-based Adaptivity (PBA, patent pending) allow you to change user screens, data interfaces in a few minutes. It is a cost-effective solution that maximizes the returns of your investments. Please visit Products page for more information on how it can be adapted to your changing environment.

Fitting into your business size

ezSerno® has three component systems:
  • Yukon™ system provides touch-screen based console transactions, manages and controls various devices, including RFID and non-RFID devices at operation line level.
  • Bering™ system receives data from all the Yukon systems at the plant level, and based on its business contexts, executes corresponding business processes and communicates with backend systems.
  • Pacific™ system is to be implemented at the enterprise level, serving as the ultimate data repository where interactive business analytic reports can be build. It is a GS1 certified EPCIS-compliant system that supports information capturing and sharing with other external systems.

However, based on your business size and model, you may not need to have 3 distict levels. ezSerno® can easily be converted into a two-level or single-level solution. You can even provide this unified solution to your business partners, regardless of their business sizes, to ease information integration and sharing. Please visit Solutions page for more information on different implementation scales.


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