Yukon Console

ezSerno Yukon Console is a touch-screen based desktop application. It usually maintains its own transaction views, so that each console can perform different transactions or business processes. These transactions have role-based access control. And they can be quickly deployed via simple configurations.

Yukon Console also maintains a separate set of master data in its database, but alternatively, all or selected master data can be imported from its parent Bering system so that it can be maintained centrally.

Although ezSerno also provides a mobile-based application, Yukon Console is designed for complicated transactions that is not suitable for mobile UI. The following are some screenshots of the transactions we have built.

Main Transaction Menu

Each logon user, based on the roles assigned, can see a different transaction menu and/or in different languages.

Menu 1      Menu 2

Document Search

Documents can be searched and viewed based on their types. Each document type may have different search criteria and views, defined by profiles.

This is an example of search selection screen for Outbound Delivery:

Doc Search 1

When the document type changes, search selection fields are also changed, showing the relevant search fields for the selected document type.

Doc Search 2

From the search result list, a document can be viewed, or start relevant transactions, such as Pack, Pick etc.

Doc Search 3

Pack Transaction

This transaction will pack serialized, non-serialized or mixed content into separate containers. It can be configured to enable shipping via Express Carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, etc. For non-serialized content, "duplicate packing" can optionally be chosen to duplicate the previous pack settings.

Pack 1

Packing supports using barcode scanner to scan different barcode types, such as DataMatrix, Code39, EAN 128, and so on, for UPC, GTIN, Batch numbers, HIBC, GS1 serial numbers and other barcodes, which can be easily enabled via configurations. RFID tags using EPC Global standards can be read as well.

Pack 2

Bulk Pick

Deliveries can be consolidated into a bulk pick list for wave picking. Using Pick transaction, a pick list can be created, printed and maintained.

Bulk Pick


Inbound deliveries can be received into the inventory using Receive transaction.


Serial Number Management

Serial Number Management (SNM) tranasaction manages serial numbers. It allows to re-print, replalce, unpack, decommission a serial number, or consolidate content of different serialized containers into one or more new containers. This is sometimes referred to as "Rework".

Serial Number Management


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