ezSerno Solutions

ezSerno Solutions

ezSerno is an adaptive and extensible platform for building serialization solutions on top of its core services. It is one of the very few solutions that have been certified by GS1 for EPCIS interfaces. New solution modules or transactions can be deployed quickly into ezSerno, With a few configuration changes, the new functions will be available for the end users, without affecting any other components.

We have been continuously developing new solution sets for different functional areas in various industries. Here are some examples that we have built and are currently building. You can access our online demos for a hand-on experience.

Outbound and Inbound Processing

ezSerno can be easily integrated with SAP and other ERP systems to process Goods Issue, Goods Receipt and Goods Movement for serialized and non-serialized products. This solution set includes transactions and functionalities:

  • Pick
  • Pack / Unpack
  • Manifest
  • Shipping
  • Load
  • Move / Transfer
  • Receiving

Track and Trace

By analyzing the information captured from devices, operators, and systems, a serial number can be easily tracked throughout its life cycle. ezSerno's sophisticated searching capabilities allow you to find any information around a serialized ID, such as status, hierarchy, associated business documents, content, event history, and movement maps.

The search can be executed based on serial ID, document or event. The Profile-Based Adaptability (PBA) allows the search condition screens tailored to your business requirements via simple configurations.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management (IM) solution set utilizes the current status and movement information of serialized products to analyze inventory statistics, manage and perform cycle counting, and help inventory management make strategic decisions to improve inventory accuracy and efficiency.

Asset Management

ezSerno's Asset Management (ASM) solution manages asset's life cycle, maintains its current status, tracks its movement, and also analyzes its usage in order to improve performance and reduce costs, by using its serialized information.

Here are some examples of the operations in ASM:

  • Commissioning
  • Registering
  • Maintaining
  • Replacing
  • Relocating
  • Decommissioning
  • Tracking
  • Usage Analysis

Promotion Management

Promotion Management (PRM) solution set manages and maintains promotions, utilizes movement information of serialized products to analyze promotion efficiency and effectiveness, and help promotion managers better control promotions, and improve promotion performance, and plan future promotions based on analytics.

Recall Management

Recall Management (REC) solution set works with your Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, initiates, manages and tracks product recalls via serialized information. It enables health-care providers and suppliers to collaborate and respond to product recalls and alerts with increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Performance Analysis

This solution set helps managers to analyze users and systems' events, visualizes their performance KPI in order to take actions to improve performance and efficiency.


This solution set provides the administrators to create or edit configured documents, manage serial numbers, issue system messages, and much more.


To request a demo user account, please use our Contact form, or send an email to: inquiry@sernosolutions.com